We are very excited to share a series of videos that we have called – “I can’t believe he drank that”.

In this series, our founder and director, Christopher Beth puts his (our) confidence in the Sawyer water filter to the test! He even invites a few friends to join in the fun!

This is the same filter that we use around the world to reach our mission to share God’s love through the gift of clean, safe, drinking water.

Please watch-smile-share!

More about the Series

Thoughts from Chris:

Many people have asked me why-in-the-world I would be doing this and what do I hope to accomplish with these silly videos. As I thought about that question two reasons came to my mind.

First, if this is the filter that we are telling thousands of mothers, each year, that it is going to bring health to their children – I think I/WE should have unparalleled faith in it. As you can see – I do! 

Next, my heart and the heart of this organization is to use the filter to be able to share the hope, mercy, grace, and love that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. If just one person comes to know and follow Jesus then I will consider all these crazy videos a success. 

On that note – I will share a brief story that happened in Kenya in December of 2019. I was filming a few of these videos in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi in a frighteningly toxic bit of water when a group of youth walked by. They stopped and watched this crazy white man drinking this water they know to be horrible. When I finished they asked, “Hey, Mzungu why are you doing that”? I walked up to them and told them that this is the filter that I was sent to bring to their people by Jesus. I then asked if they had ever heard that name and they said no. One of these young men allowed Jesus into his heart that day. For me – that’s the point.

Now back here in America. If the craziness of the videos captures a few peoples attention and they tell a few people….and they tell a few people…. well – that’s just how hope is delivered. 

As my favorite saying goes, “Do you know how to eat an elephant”? One bite at a time, of course. But when there are a lot of people chewing it goes faster. 

There are approximately 785,000,000 people that lack access to clean water and even more that don’t know Jesus. I hope we can find more “chewers”!


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