End a child’s suffering in Kibera TODAY

The Kibera Slums are tucked away in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. The proximity of this slum–marked by rusted tin rooftops, concrete shacks, and cracked dirt roads–to modern day wealth and prosperity is disturbing. There are an estimated 400,000 people living in approximately 3 square miles of squalor. The average monthly income is around $26 US dollars. Waterborne disease runs rampant through the area as there is little to no public access to clean water.

Though these people are in plain sight, they are forgotten.

We know the problem, the scope of the problem, and the resources needed to rectify it. BUT, we need you and your support. Will you help us?

Find your place in the Kibera story.

This giving meter represents the relative completeness of our Kibera campaign. Once it is filled, we will be fully funded and well on our way to providing every last person in Kibera with clean, safe, drinking water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

My commitment for Kibera:

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