Kibera Campaign

The Kibera Slums are tucked away in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. The proximity of this slum–marked by rusted tin rooftops, concrete shacks, and cracked dirt roads–to modern day wealth and prosperity is disturbing. We estimate that there are 400,000 people living in approximately 3 square miles of squalor. The average monthly income is around 2,645 KES (Kenyan Shillings) or $26 US dollars per month. Waterborne disease runs rampant through the area as there is little to no public access to clean water. Though these people are in plain sight, they are forgotten. 

Our goals:

To remain “mission-true” and to share the love of God through the gift of clean, safe, drinking water. This includes using the bucket filter as an initial entry strategy and then providing follow up visitations to facilitate deeper, spiritual, relational equity. This process opens the door for other like-minded organizations to partner with us and provide other community transformation opportunities.

Current Scope of work:

Beginning in 2019, we ventured to define the exact perimeters of the various “zones” that comprise Kibera, as well as the general population of the entire slum.  Excitingly, due to the unwavering efforts of our in-country partners–spending the last two years completing door-to-door assessments and collecting basic data on the demography of the slum–we have, for the first time in Kenya’s history, an accurate, up-to-date account of the population and area stratification in Kibera! We found, courtesy of the two-year-long campaign undertaken by our partners, that there are 104,000 homes and roughly 400,000 people in Kibera. This is information that not even the Kenyan government has access to, or ever even endeavored to collect!   With this data, we now know the exact amount of water filters and Gospels required to satisfy the physical and spiritual needs of EVERYONE in Kibera! 

Costs for the Kibera Campaign:

The fixed cost to provide a water filter that lasts 20+ years, anti-parasitic medicine to treat the recipients’ pre existing illnesses, a minimum of three follow up visits from out in-country partners to check in on the maintenance of the recipient family’s filter as well as their spiritual journey with God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is $50. We see this as a negligible cost to build relational equity and advance the Gospel in the recipient family’s respective community.

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