How You Can Get Involved

What can you do?

If you find yourself asking how you can be involved in this ministry, we have plenty of opportunities for you! To achieve our mission, we require many hands, minds and hearts to be involved. We know that we can do more together than we can apart! Just because you cannot make a trip to a foreign country does not mean that you cannot be involved!

  1. Help us to tell the story! Help us tell the story! Perhaps something as simple as sharing our social media posts will tell the story of God’s work in this ministry to many more people. When you consider the number of contacts or friends that many people have it would not take long for the story of His work to be told. That’s simple multiplication!
  2. Maybe you hear the call to join The Bucket Ministry on a trip to be part of a team that directly ministers to those in need?  Please see our trip calendar. We welcome you to email us for more details.
  3. Maybe you have a desire to use the bucket filter in your own mission through your church or organization? Please contact us and we will be grateful for the opportunity to assist you with free training materials and videos. We will also share our suggestions on sourcing filters, buckets, medications, and other supplies for your mission. The only thing we ask in return is that you share the story with others and that you join us in sharing God love through the gift of clean, safe drinking water.
  4. We need many individual sponsors to achieve our mission. For as little as $50 you can sponsor a home with a bucket filter and the necessary medicines to relieve the entire family of their infections. So basically for what it costs to go out to eat with a family of four you can provide 20+ years of clean water for a family.   We also know that we will need some larger contributions so that we can say yes to other opportunities around the world.  All donations are tax deductible. You may donate online or by mail to: PO Box 238 Fate, Texas 75132
  5. Most importantly we would encourage you to support us in prayer. Prayer for our team. Prayer for resources to carry on this mission. Prayer for the villagers and others who are suffering from the effects of unclean water. Please click here to join our Prayer Team.

Help us achieve our mission