A New Way to Minister: GIS Technology

January 9, 2020 | Categories: Blog

Pictured above is our GIS (Geographic Information System) data collection process in action in Nairobi, Kenya. Through our partnership with Sawyer Products and Sparrow Data Collection, we have—within the last year—begun cataloguing the spiritual and physical conditions of the recipients of our filters. We attach unique barcodes to each distributed filter, and ask the recipient to complete a custom survey created by Sparrow. Then, the above information (a photo, the approximate location of the filter, and a brief summary) is uploaded to an online application that donors have access to. The purpose of this technology is two-fold: (1) We want donors to be able to see and learn about the very people that their donations impact; (2) We want to better equip our partnered pastors with the tools and information necessary to curate their follow-up support to the physical and spiritual needs of the individual recipient. It is our hope that greater transparency and accountability will engage more partners to the mission field in the years to come.

Griffin Beth

Staff Writer | The Bucket Ministry

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