Welcome to The Ripple

The Ripple is a community of people singularly committed to reaching the poor and powerless with clean, safe, drinking water and winning hearts for Christ all around the world.

More specifically, The Ripple is our recurring Kingdom-investment platform that allows us to boldly meet the immediate needs of underserved families around the world. We consider all gifts or donations to The Ripple as “investments” because you can watch the impact of your money mature over months and years and accrue spiritual “interest” in some of the darkest corners of the earth.

When you open a Ripple account with The Bucket Ministry, you join a powerful network of other investors that have the cumulative influence, much like a humble ripple growing into a tidal wave, to radically change not just individuals or families, but entire communities. 
Our ministry depends on these recurring investments to plan effectively and efficiently. With every new Ripple investor, our mission field expands, our team grows, and more people are reached with clean water and the life-affirming Good News of Jesus Christ.

Beyond the satisfaction of knowing that their money is profoundly changing lives all across the world, our investors are entitled to a few very exciting Ripple-exclusive privileges:


to mission trips and priority invitations to special TBM events.


to staff storytelling at your home, business, or church.


from the desk of our founder, Christopher Beth, with faith-affirming stories and testimonies from the mission field.


(e.g., emails, texts, and letters) from our in-country campaign directors on the real-time impact of Ripple investments.

We want everyone to become a Ripple investor, no matter how great or small the investment. The purpose of The Ripple isn’t to simply better resource our team so they can continue to share our mission around the world, but it’s also to bring our friends and family into the mission field and make them partners in this global Kingdom-building effort. Invest $5,000 a month or $5 a month – we just want you to be a part of this work. 

Your investment might not change the world, but it will change the world for a family. 

Please find the custom giving field and recurring tiers below to start your investment in The Ripple today!

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