Become a Storyteller

Through the Storyteller Program at The Bucket Ministry, you can serve the Lord, transform lives, and be part of building God’s kingdom worldwide…right in your own community.

Serve as a Ministry Storyteller with TBM and connect your friends, family, acquaintances, church, and other local groups with The Bucket Ministry’s mission. Be a part of the great work God is doing around the world by advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves. Share about the hope and personal transformations that TBM is privileged to witness and facilitate in underserved communities.

Ministry Storytellers inform others about the impact that people can have through TBM and inspire others to engage with TBM’s mission. We provide the training, resources, and support you’ll need so that you can play a part in transforming the lives of struggling families with clean water and the Gospel.
Once you’re approved to join our Storyteller Program, we’ll send you a link to purchase a Storyteller kit to begin sharing the story of our mission in your community!

Are You Ready to be a Storyteller?

Become a Storyteller!

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