For years, we’ve been asked, “How can I get one of those filters for myself and help someone else at the same time?” With these requests in mind, we have created GIVE ONE – GET ONE, in which we will ship you a Sawyer Point ONE Bucket Water Filter Kit (minus the bucket and 13/16” drill bit) or a Sawyer Tap Filter Kit PLUS deliver a water filter to a family around the world who does not have access to clean, safe drinking water in your name.

** If you order multiples, they will be all be shipped to the same US address (unless you do multiple individual donations). Since goods are received, you will receive a donation receipt for an allowable tax donation value of $50 per filter donated.


The Sawyer PointONE Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter will effectively remove all bacteria, parasites, protozoa, cysts, eggs, and other harmful particulates from unclean drinking water, down to 0.1 micron in size, for over twenty years or one-million gallons. This filter utilizes the same sophisticated technology as kidney dialysis – capturing all potentially harmful pathogens in a densely-braided cluster of straws – rendering almost any color and quality of water safe to drink.

It will attach to virtually any water receptacle, but we use five-gallon buckets for their simplicity and commercial availability. It is also threaded, so it can be attached to almost any plastic water bottle.

This filter contains no replaceable parts, nor does it require professional servicing. The recipient family merely needs to “backflush” – forcing clean water in the opposite direction of the natural flow of the filter with a kit-included plastic syringe – the filter once a day to optimize its performance and longevity.

The filter can be attached to any plastic bucket (5 gallons ideally) after drilling a 13/16″ hole. (Drill bit not included in kit.)

Contents of the filter kit: Sawyer PointONE filter, attachment hardware, cleaning implements and instructions.


The video animation shows how the Sawyer PointONE hollow fiber membrane filter works so effectively. Unclean water flows into the filter and the bacteria and other parasites get trapped on the outside of the microtubes while the clean, safe water is able to flow out from inside of the microtubes.

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