Athi River Campaign

Athi River, named after the great river that cuts through it, is an ancient city in Machakos County, Kenya. It is located 30 kilometers from Nairobi and has a population of 81,302 people. Swahili and Kamba are the dominant languages spoken here.

Athi River is very diverse with residents of all economic classes calling it home. However, all of the lower-class occupants are relegated to one of the many slums in the city’s periphery.

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Median Income per Home
2 %
Clinic Visits are Water Related

The Three Phases of the Athi River Campaign

We split the physical labor, and our fundraising efforts, into three “phases” for the Athi River Campaign. As this city isn’t one cohesive community — rather it is multiple slums scattered in irregular distances from each other, but all within the limits of Athi River — we have found it easier to communicate the progress of this campaign through “phases”.

Phase 1: Bondeni-Jua Kali, Kanani, Slaughter, and Sophia. 27,000 people live in these four slums, and the average family income per month is only $50. There is virtually no access to clean, safe, drinking water, and many have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. As of 2024, this phase has been fully funded — which means we are full-speed-ahead on distributing water filters and sharing the gospel with all residents of these four slums. We have currently served over 1,300 families.

Phase 2: Njuguini Village and Mang’eli Village. 29,700 people live in these two slums and face identical social, physical, and spiritual issues as the slums in Phase 1. We have completed assessments on these two villages, and filter distribution will commence once we have completed Phase 1. This Phase is also fully funded.

Phase 3: The unincorporated area immediately surrounding Daystar University. Although this community is right next to a modern university, it lacks even the most meager conveniences and comforts that residents of the above two Phases have. 2,940 people live here with their only source of water being a stagnant pond. This Phase is also fully funded and work will commence on it once the above two phases are complete.

Campaign Status

$573,000 100%


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