Can we do something great together?

The Bucket Ministry’s mission is to share the love of God around the world through the gift of clean, safe, drinking water. But when 785,000,000 people lack access to safe drinking water, that mission becomes something much bigger than we can accomplish alone. We are always looking for opportunities to partner with businesses that share our mission and commitment to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Can we help you engage, encourage, and unite your employees?

Many employers wish that their employees were more unified and working as a team to achieve the set goals and objectives of the business. We believe that it is important for all employees to know that their work is significant and dignified, and that their efforts are making a difference in the lives of people all around the world. We believe that our mission offers a place for everyone to be involved with something much greater than themselves.

Our mission can become your mission.

We start by sharing the story of the world water crisis in a fun and interactive way with your employees and then discuss how we can solve that problem together. We give each team member a way to find their place in this God-sized story. By working together for a common goal, we believe your employees will become a more unified team – acting in the greater interests of your business and others around the world! Imagine hearing your employees say, “My company cares about people and together we are saving families around the world”!

Ways your business can partner with TBM.

There are many different ways to partner with The Bucket Ministry, but here are just a few:

Influence & Networking

Help us by making introductions to other businesses and friends.

Financial Support

Administration and missions.


Volunteering locally or going on mission.


Share your gifting and expertise.

What a Business on Mission partnership with us looks like:

This is a great example of how The Bucket Ministry – Business on Mission program can grow the Kingdom from our friends at Collins Concrete. You may ask, “Why in the world would you put the logo on a concrete truck”? Great question! Imagine if just one person sees that logo and says, “I want to see what that organization is all about,” and goes to The Bucket Ministry website. While on the website, they learn that they can sponsor a family and provide them with 20 years of clean water and the opportunity of an eternity with Jesus Christ for just $50! They then decide to sponsor that family–-forever changing each member’s future– after merely seeing a logo on the side of Collins Concrete truck. That’s what Business on Mission is all about. Will you join us?

For more information on Business on Mission, please contact Matt Arnett at [email protected].

Our Partners

We have forged invaluable relationships with partners that span numerous industries. However, they all have one thing in common: They believe in our mission to share the love of God through the gift of clean, safe, drinking water. Being yoked with like-minded partners will help us carry our mission out further and faster.

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