Ciudad Victoria Campaign

Ciudad Victoria, Mexico is located about 200 miles South from the border between Texas and Mexico and 153 miles from Monterrey, Mexico and is the capital of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. We first were introduced and served in CD Victoria in 2018 and have been praying for God to open a door to serving the people there since that date.

The most recent population estimates for the city are around 400,000 people – all created in God’s very own image. Our campaign will begin with 10,000 homes (approximately 60,000 people). Due to the wholesale deficiencies in accessing safe, clean, drinking water many of the residents of CD Victoria spend over 25% of their resources on buying water now. Many are far from God.

$ 0 /mo
Median Income per Home
$ 0 /mo
Cost to Buy Safe Water

For this campaign we are blessed to be partnering with Sawyer Products, Sparrow Data Solutions, Hope College and Aquora Research and Consulting.

Assessment Dashboard

This assessment was completed August – September 2023.

Fixed Cost

We estimate the cost for this campaign to be nearly $1.1 million to provide over 60,000 people with generational access to hope (Jesus and clean, safe, drinking water). If you can help us with this initiative please click below.

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