Kawangware Campaign

Kawangware (Cow-wang-war-ee) is a neighboring slum to Kibera. We have begun conducting small scale distributions and actively assessing the whole slum (the results of which can be seen below)

We estimate that over 700,000 people live in Kawangware, with the majority of them having no access to clean, safe, drinking water or the gospel. 

Kawangware is home to ten distinct tribes — Kikuyus, Baganda, Burundi, Digo, Kalenjin, Luhyas, Luo, Rendile, Sudanese, and Turkana. Eleven languages are spoken, but Swahili is the predominant lingua franca.

Number of Families (estimated)
670000 +
Avg. Family Income
$ 0 /mo
Number of Tribes

All of the laborers that will carry out the work of distribution and filter follow-up will be previous members of the Kibera team. As we expect to complete our work in Kibera by the end of 2024, the majority of our 102 missionary-and-pastor team will move into Kawangware and begin the work there that they completed in Kibera.

The total cost of this campaign is $8,000,000 or $53 per family (less than what it would cost to take your family to dinner at a chain restaurant). 

Though $8,000,000 seems like a massive number, we have seen God move in even greater ways throughout the life of this ministry…and we won’t stop until all 700,000 residents of Kawangware have clean, safe, drinking water and the opportunity of an eternity with Jesus Christ.

Assessment Dashboard

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