Live Results

While we have distributed over 29,000 filters since the inception of our organization, we have only been tracking each filter with our sophisticated Mission Mapping system since February of 2019. What this means is that every filter distributed after February 2019 is catalogued, tracked, linked to a specific family, and is instantly accessible within our Mission Mapping system.

We ascribe all the success of our efforts solely to God and give Him all the glory! None of this happens without Him by our side and directing our steps!

While much of this data is administratively important, it also encourages us to redouble our efforts each and every day. Here are just three figures that strengthen our resolve to continue the mission:

Total People Served:

These are the exact live numbers of people that have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and received a filter that will provide them clean, safe, drinking water for 20+ years. (Tracked since February 2019).

People Served:

This pie chart shows how our filters were distributed by age group. (Tracked since February 2019).

People Taught Discipleship Lessons:

We are a Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) organization at heart and feel our cardinal duty is to share the Gospel and make disciples that can, in turn, make new disciples. Because of this, we focus our follow up visits on helping the recipient family mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ and become more comfortable in sharing their new faith. We are also starting to conduct discipleship classes in some of the areas where working around the world (both figures tracked since July 2020).

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