Mike Reid

Mike Reid was born on October 4, 1949, in Hillsboro, Texas.  He spent most of his life growing up in Fort Worth, Texas graduating from Polytechnic High School. Mike grew up in the Methodist church where he was christened as a baby and then accepted the Lord as his savior and was baptized as a …

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Jerry White

Jerry White was introduced to The Bucket Ministry in 2017 through a filter demonstration conducted by Bob Gillam and Jeff Watters.  He immediately recognized the potential for the filter, when used in conjunction with long-term Gospel sharing and discipleship in underprivileged communities, and wanted to be a part of TBM’s mission in whatever way he …

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Karen Brown

Karen has been working with The Bucket Ministry since 2018. After 5 years working in the defense industry, first in Contracts, then in Export Compliance, Karen went on her first mission trip with TBM to the Amazon River. After seeing the lives changed, both in health and in Spirit, Karen knew God was in this …

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Tracy Davidson

God brought The Bucket Ministry into Tracy’s life to broaden her vision on what is possible when we surrender ourselves fully to Him. Tracy says, “God loves to show us a new part of who He is and to totally blow our minds. He likes to show us how remarkable and awesome He can be. …

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Matt Arnett

Matt is TBM’s staff pastor and is passionate about investing in its team and global partners. He works to help identify the unique gifts on TBM’s team and help them maximize and deploy those gifts for God’s glory. Matt got connected to The Bucket Ministry early on and, as he observed from a distance, he …

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Randy LeTourneau

Randy has been privileged with a great family and heritage of faith. He has been married to Pam LeTourneau for 35 years and has 4 amazing adult children and 3 fantastic in-laws. Being committed to church and service has always been a priority, so Randy has been involved or lead in many different ministries. He …

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Sheri Beth

As the high school sweetheart and wife of Chris, Sheri serves in many different roles. She is the team nurse of TBM and has served in that capacity since its inception, but what most people don’t see is her gentle hand in shaping the man her husband has become. Without Sheri’s support, encouragement, and sacrificial …

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Savannah Elery

Savannah is the cofounder and Director of Children’s Communication at The Bucket Ministry. After seeing the living conditions of remote Brazilian people groups on a 2012 mission trip to the Amazon with her dad, Christopher Beth, God inspired both to return home and begin thinking of ways to administer aid to underprivileged communities living in …

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Griffin Beth

Griffin is the lead Copywriter, Copyeditor, and Supervisor of Communication at The Bucket Ministry. He writes, edits, and otherwise spearheads the direction of all written communication produced by The Bucket Ministry. If there is a typo or misplaced comma in any of the ministry’s emails, articles, blog posts, website copy, social media copy, advertisements, or …

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