A trip to El Ocotal

June 26, 2020 | Categories: Blog, In the News

Wednesday, June 24, The Bucket Ministry Honduras team traveled to the El Ocotal community in Honduras. They were able to distribute filters, food and clothing to this area in need. Below is a great story of hope written by one of our Honduras team members, Hugo Romero.

“We praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve the community of El Ocotal, Guajiquiro, department of La Paz. The experience we had was unique in the sense that none of us ever went to this community before. Our time with the families of the Evangelical Church from El Ocotal was short but successful, due to the fulfillment of our goal. 

Our objective was to bring them water filters, food and clothing, and we did it. As we were packing, we didn’t believe how many things we were taking with us, but then we figured out how to take everything with us in just one car. The road to get to El Ocotal was rough, and we were a little scared to not be able to make it to the place, but the Lord took care of us and the vehicle, and we made it.

Once there, we started with our plan and activities and gave a few words of hope and love to the more than 30 people who were gathered in the main street. We couldn’t go to the exact place where they live because it is hard to get there. They had to cross the river and go up to the mountain to get to their homes after our time together. Their health is really affected by many factors. They get their water from the river. They don’t have the right protection for the pandemic virus. Most of the people were women representing their families.

After that, we taught the families how to assemble and take good care of their new water filters. Also, we made the surveys with each one of the families and gave them a bag full of food. We also gave them some bags full of clothes in order to be distributed between the families.

All of them were really happy and thankful for their new filters and the food provided because most of them are farmers and didn’t have much to eat during this season. 

Before we left, they prayed for us and blessed our lives and the ministry of Serve Hope and The Bucket Ministry. We rode back with our hearts full of love and so grateful for the work the Lord did through our time and lives with the families of the Evangelical Church of El Ocotal.”

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