Birthdays For Buckets

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We would like to welcome you to The Bucket Ministry Birthdays for Buckets program!

Now you can donate your birthday to providing God’s love through the gift of
clean, safe, drinking water! By dedicating your birthday and inviting friends
and family to join you in the initiative, you can receive a gift far better
than anything you could unwrap. You can receive the gift of directly knowing
that numerous families will receive 20+ years of clean, safe, drinking water
through the Sawyer PointOne Hollow Fiber Membrane water filter. You can also
rest assured that each one of these families has heard the Good News of Jesus

Unlike other social media platforms, gifts to The Bucket Ministry Birthdays
for Buckets program are 100% tax deductible and your friends and family will
be able to see pictures of the very people that they are helping you bring
hope to!

Each person that dedicates their birthday will receive a personalized webpage
with its own link that can be shared on social media and through texting and

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If you would like to donate your birthday to sharing God's love through the gift of clean, safe drinking water please fill out the required fields below and we will email your custom fundraising page link back in 24-48 hours.
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