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September 3, 2020 | Categories: Blog, In the News

Did you know a little, 1.68-inch, white ball being hit an average of 100 to 190 acres can change the world. What I have just described is golf, and I know it can change the world. How? Why? Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and let me tell you about it.

The Bucket Ministry was blessed to have their first golf tournament last year, which sold out to 120 enthusiastic players. Because of those amazing golfers and sponsors, over 500 families in the most remote places on the planet were shown a light that could only come from Jesus Christ. Those 500 families (or approximately 5,000 people) were given a life-saving water filter that can last for over 20 years and spiritual water through the Gospel of Jesus Christ which lasts for eternity.

Because of this event, the Buckets for Life Golf Tournament, about 100 new people heard the story of The Bucket Ministry and even more around the world received God’s love through the gift of clean, safe drinking water.

Because of the ripple effect of the Buckets for Life Golf Tournament last year, we are blessed to host two more great tournaments this year! Now, can you imagine if one golfer plays in one of the Buckets for Life golf tournaments and – because they played and heard of The Bucket Ministry’s programs around the world – decides to sponsor a family in another country to receive clean water and the Gospel. Next, think about one person in that family sharing their clean water with someone who does not have clean water, and they feel convicted to talk about their new-found faith in Jesus Christ. This will continue to happen, creating these ripples across communities, countries and the world. That initial decision to attend a golf fundraiser could lead to many receiving clean, safe drinking water and the Living Water found in Jesus.

So you may ask yourself, how can I help that ripple effect? How can I help change the world with golf?

Join in the joy in one or both tournaments; September 28 in Rockwall, Texas and October 5 in Tyler, Texas.  Come and play or be a sponsor, a volunteer or a gallery member. I promise we will find a spot for you. YOU can make a difference! YOU can change the world! 

Register at: https://thebucketministry.org/golftournament

For more information about volunteering, email karen@thebucketminstry.org.

by Toni Johnson, Director of Bucket for Life Golf Tournament – Tyler, toni@thebucketministry.org

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