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July 8, 2019 | Categories: Blog, In the News

The Bucket Ministry will host its Buckets & Boots: Big Event on Friday, November 8 at South Fork Ranch in Parker, Texas, just outside of Dallas. 

This will be the biggest fundraising event that has ever been held by TBM and will seek to further the organization’s mission of “sharing the love of God through the gift of clean, safe drinking water.” 

According to event organizer Beverly Pop, in 2018, TBM was able to give the gift of clean water to over 87,000 people. This year, the organization will be able to help over 200,000 people around the world. Pop said that the main goal of the event, among others, is to increase these numbers even more in future years.

“[The Big Event] will bring clean, safe drinking waters and the Living Water to thousands of people who currently do not have access to this,” Pop said. “Equally, our prayer is that it will mobilize believers to step into the story and become actively involved with us. … Lastly, the Big Event will help us resource our ministry partners to have greater tools to advance the Kingdom of God.”

Pop said she also hopes that the event will share the story of TBM with the guests who will in turn share with others. 

“What I hope and pray people get excited about is that they see themselves to become a part of our story,” Pop said.

The night will begin at 6 p.m. and will feature a dinner, silent and live auctions, a raffle and live entertainment by Mike Weaver of Christian band Big Daddy Weave.

Weaver has been lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, one of the top radio and touring artists in Christian music, for over 19 years. Weaver’s group is known for songs like “Redeemed,” “Me Story” and “The Lion and The Lamb.” He will be performing some of Big Daddy Weave’s biggest hits at the Big Event. 

As with all TBM events and trips, the Big Event is surrounded by prayer. Pop said this has been and will be an integral part in all planning and execution of the event.

“We have teams assigned to pray for specific elements of the event,” Pop said. “In fact, a month out from our event, we will have people praying by table number for every guest attending the Big Event.”

Interested parties can purchase individual tickets, entire tables or sponsor the event in various ways. All information can be found at https://thebucketministry.ticketspice.com/big-event

Be sure to buy your ticket and join The Bucket Ministry for a night of food, fellowship and music while supporting a great cause.

“Our prayer for the evening is that people will experience an unquenchable joy, and however God leads them, they will be obedient to become involved,” Pop said.

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