Behind The Scenes: Trivia Night

July 1, 2019 | Categories: Blog, In the News

Test your trivia skills!


Q: What is the furthest planet from the sun in our solar system?

A: Neptune


Q: Which German-born physicist developed the theory of relativity?

A: Albert Einstein


Q: What is a fun way to spend Friday night, July 12?

A: The Bucket Ministry’s Trivia Night Fundraiser!


    When you hear about The Bucket Ministry’s first Trivia Night Fundraiser, you may think, “Oh, that seems like a pretty simple thing to throw together quickly,” but that is not the case. This Trivia Night has been unconsciously in the works for eight years.

    It all begins back in 2011 when TBM Missions Operations Karen Brown traveled to Scotland to obtain her masters degree. While there, she learned about a thing the Scottish call “pub quizzes.” A year later, TBM Director Chris Beth and his daughter, Savannah Elery, traveled to the Amazon. That trip led to the creation of TBM.

    In 2018, Brown quit her job to become a full time employee of TBM. The next year, TBM began discussing ways to have events and fundraisers that would appeal to all ages. Brown presented the idea of a pub quiz without the “pub.”

    After convincing Beth, Elery and Brown worked to develop the idea. The two created seven categories and brainstormed questions within those categories. During this, Elery began searching for a venue to host the night and decided on Soulman’s Bar-B-Que.

    Elery and Brown then began deciding the details. The two decided on a price point that would be affordable to a wide range of people. They found an MC and began developing promotional materials. Graphic design intern Grace Dowling developed graphics, and social media intern Emma Aly began promoting the event on various platforms.

    Everything is ready! Come to The Bucket Ministry’s first Trivia Night Fundraiser next Friday, July 12, from 6:30-9 at Soulman’s Bar-B-Que. Join us for a fun night of good food, good laughs and a good cause.


Buy your tickets at:

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