Golf has changed the world!

October 9, 2020 | Categories: Blog, In the News

Golf has changed the world! Several weeks ago, we posted a blog about how we believed golf can change the world. Maybe you were skeptical of this statement. How can the game of golf make a real difference in the world? Well, let us tell you!

Last Monday, September 28, The Bucket Ministry hosted the second annual Buckets for Life Golf Tournament in Rockwall, Texas.This was an incredible event! It was a fun day of golf, silly challenges and good fellowship. You may still be asking, How does a fun event change the world? Don’t worry, we have not told you the best part yet.

We had about 25 volunteers and TBM staff planning and carrying out the event. Our 30 sponsors and Business on Mission partners funded and donated items needed for the day. Even The Bucket Ministry-branded concrete truck made an appearance, courtesy of Collins Concrete! This day would not have been a hit without over 100 great golfers participating in this event! I know you are thinking, Okay, these people are great, but did all these people really change the world?

The answer is yes! All of these factors and all of these people made a difference in our world! Because of golfer fees, sponsor funds and extra sponsorships by generous golfers, this event was able to raise enough money to sponsor about 600 families to receive the gift of clean, safe drinking water for the next 20 years or more! With the average family we help at about 10 people, this means this tournament can change the lives of almost 6,000 people!

Six thousand people! That is a lot of people receiving clean water, antiparasitic medicine and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These things have life-changing power, physically and spiritually. This would not have been possible without the joyful generosity of the volunteers, sponsors and participants of this incredible day. Together, they made a difference in the world!

And that is how golf can change the world.

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