How to Stay Safe During a Boil Water Advisory

May 28, 2021 | Categories: Blog

Almost a year removed from the winter storm that knocked Texas on its heels, and the memory of water scarcity still commands a lingering feeling of unease in our minds. How fragile the infrastructure that affords us the privilege to always assume we’ll have clean, safe, drinking water at an arm’s reach. A few days of snow and below freezing temperatures, and millions of people across Texas found themselves without consistent access to drinkable water. In a matter of days, clean water went from an everyday expectation to a luxury, with many entirely unprepared for such a stark shift.

In the spirit of hoping for the best but expecting the worst, we at The Bucket Ministry wanted to help you guarantee that you and your family will always have drinkable water in the event of another boil water advisory.

The most common reason for the municipal or state government to encourage boiling water is that harmful bacteria or parasites were found in the water supply, or—because of inclement weather—they cannot guarantee the absence of either as their treatment facilities are non-operational.

If you find yourself in either circumstance or want to be well-prepared in anticipation of another boil water advisory, don’t run out and buy firewood or a small gas stove—the solution is much simpler: a water filter. We use the Sawyer PointOne hollow fiber membrane filter in our mission work all around the world. And believe us: If it can make the water from a cattle pond in Kenya safe and drinkable, it will certainly work on whatever quality or color of water you have access to around your home. Still unsure? Head over to the “I can’t believe he drank that!” video series on our website to view all the different water conditions we’ve tested this filter against.

If you’re interested in buying one of these filters for your home, we have a BOGO option available so that you can provide one to an underprivileged family as well as your own. That means, when you purchase a filter from us, we will cover the cost of another filter being shipped overseas for use in a house that doesn’t have access to clean, safe, drinking water (regardless of government advisories). So, you get a filter, and we’ll give a filter to another family in need.

To guarantee you, your family, and another family from an underserved and underprivileged community 20+ years of clean, safe, drinking water, please visit:

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